PROTECTION of a listed building in Shooters Hill has been increased after an inspection by officials.

Shrewsbury House, of Bushmoore Crescent, was inspected by English Heritage, a body that ensures the preservation of historic buildings, in April of this year.

The house originally held a Grade I listed status, but its new status as a Grade II listed building, now gives it the same protection as famous London landmarks Battersea Power Station and the Coliseum Theatre.

Cressida Senkus, Secretary of the management committee at Shrewsbury House, said: “We’re all very pleased because it is a lovely looking building. It’s a bit hidden away, not a lot of people know about it but it’s been lovingly maintained.”

The house was built in 1923 and before its current use as a community centre, was a public library, up until its closure in the 1980s.

The building, owned and partially funded by Greenwich Council, hosts a variety of clubs and societies, from Jujitsu, yoga and French lessons to child day-care.

The house also gives the opportunity for visitors to feel festive, with the Tarts and Crafts fair taking place on the December 2, a wide range of Christmas food and home crafted gifts will be on sale.

For information call 0208 854 3895


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